Pottery Incoming!

We’re very excited to be setting up our new pottery displays this season! With so many styles and colors to choose from we having something to match your garden’s aesthetic!

Decisions.. Decisions.. Decisions..

We enjoy the versatility of shapes and sizes of our ceramic pottery. Our glazed containers pair beautifully with our premium annual flowers. The worst part… trying to decide which ones you love most!

Change Up Your Planters in a Snap!

“Drop In” Our Pre-made Annual Containers or Hanging Baskets for an Instant Planter Display!

Here’s a little secret. Did you know you can create an absolutely stunning planter with the snap of your fingers! It’s true. Simply choose your favorite premade annual container or hanging basket from Blooms Greenhouse Grower Outlet, pop off the hangers and drop into the ceramic pottery of your choice! If you have tall or oversized planters you can use pot fillers to take up the un needed space. Not only do you have an instantly “planted” pot, but it will be far less heavy and easier to move around your porch or patio.

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