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Welcome to Kingsbury Acres Greenhouse

From North Central Indiana serving across Chicagoland,  Kingsbury Acres Greenhouse is a Wholesale Grower offering the finest selection of spring and fall annual plants on the market. We pride ourselves on the selection we have available for all of our wholesale clients, and every year we strive for producing the best quality possible. Reach out today to get started on your order.

Kingsbury Acres Greenhouse specializes in growing vegetative and seed annuals from our premium 4.33" Modern Miracles, supersized Jumbo Annual Trays, and delectable Perfect Choice Vegetable and Herb plants. We also create stunning combinations of annual planters and hanging baskets. Our hanging baskets are like none other. We take the extra time and attention to trim around our baskets, thus creating fuller and bloom filled arrangement

For the fall, our high quality mums and related fall plants are especially suited for the discriminating landscapers. Our signature mum is the 9X6" size pot that averages 22" in diameter. We space them generously to form a fully round ball of color. Our landscape customers tell us they don't need as many and dig fewer holes  to complete a job. Our 8X6" size averages 18" in diameter and is our 2nd most popular size. And if you are looking for larger mums we grow 10", 12" and 14.5" sizes. And of course we have the standard 8X5" mum only again spaced to form a perfect ball of color and average about 14" diameter.

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Discover BIGGER, BETTER Plants!

We pride ourselves on the quality of product we deliver by taking the additional time and attention to crank out bigger and better plants. For instance, our hanging baskets are like none other! We provide our baskets more growth time after trimming to allow for fuller combinations with far more blooms than from your standard grower.

In the fall, we space our garden mums 50% more than the recommended allotment. This allows us to grow bigger, better plants that take up more space in our production facility and on our shipping racks, but our clients enjoy a FAR SUPERIOR product than the competition.

We also grow in a greater variety of pot sizes allowing our retail clients to offer better price points and more selection than found elsewhere.