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Coordinating Fall Mums, Grasses, and More in Your Landscape

It’s just around the corner—the season of all things pumpkin spice and sweater weather! Early fall is the ideal time to reassess our gardens and consider adding new plantings while the soil is still warm and the temperatures are mild. Let’s get our landscape ready for fall by coordinating mums, perennial grasses, asters, and the…
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chrysanthemum flowers

Refresh Your Fall Garden

Maintaining a bright, beautiful garden in the summer months is pretty much a no-brainer, but many gardeners forget how many gorgeous fall-blooming perennials and annuals  there are to choose from. If you take a walk around your neighborhood, you might notice flowering shrubs, foliage, and other perennials that you, too, can include in your landscape…
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colorful landscape

All-Season Color Hacks: How to Combine Annuals and Perennials in Your Landscape

It’s one of the toughest challenges a gardener can have—how to get color in the garden all season long. Some of us find it easy to achieve a vibrant flowering spring garden, but when the heat of mid-summer hits, our gardens tend to drift away into a sea of green—and sometimes brown. There are a…
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Shovelling soil

How to Prepare Heavy Clay and Sandy Soils for Planting

Soil is the secret sauce of gardening. While it may just look like brown dirt, it is the lifeblood for healthy plants. Unfortunately, many of us work with poor native soil that leaves our trees, shrubs, and perennials wanting more. The landscape near our Blooms Greenhouse in Laporte, Indiana, tends to be on opposite sides…
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Container Gardening Tips Edible Gardens

Grow Your Groceries in Style with Our Edible Container Gardening Tips

Grow your groceries! Even apartment dwellers can reap the benefits of growing produce with these easy edible plants to grow in pots. Regardless of landscape size, container gardens are ideal, and it’s becoming trendy to not only grow your own produce but to display it proudly in your front gardens and containers. Let’s dig into…
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Versatility of Hanging Baskets

Hanging Basket Design: How to Design Your Baskets Like a Pro

The ease and versatility of hanging baskets are not to be overlooked. As gardeners, we all crave a well-designed landscape full of lasting perennials, trees, and shrubs––but hanging baskets overflowing with vibrant annuals add an extra level of design that many gardens are missing. Plus, they allow us to experiment with trendy design principles––without the…
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