Guide for Convenient Gardening

It’s not too late to have a bountiful garden…even if you have nothing close to a green thumb. Since we nearing the middle of May, it’s a little too late to grow plants the old fashioned way with seeds, but you can still have that dream garden. Here is your guide to having the most beautiful garden, without having to know the tricks of the trade.

Blooms Greenhouse Grower Outlet believes that everyone deserves the chance to own and maintain a garden of their very own, which is why they offer a plethora of top of the line vegetative annuals. These are grown from advanced breeding hybridized cuttings, and Bloom’s even offers their own unique handpicked lines for a customer’s convenience.

“These lines are cherry picked and the best of the best,” said Richard Christakes, owner of Blooms Greenhouse Grower Outlet. “We put our own house brand in the line, and trial many of the plants ourselves.”

Their Modern Miracle Line is recommended to those who are new to gardening because they are incredibly forgiving.

“[The line] can handle hot and cold extremes and last so much longer,” Christakes said. “They are also a little more drought tolerant.”

“If you plant them now, they will carry all the way until the fall. The plants are also frost tolerant, too. I’ve had them outside my house since April 20th and they are fine.”

Here are some of Blooms Greenhouse Grower Outlet favorite vegetative annuals:

Dragon Wing Begonia


Can live in sun or shade, grows abundantly, and never stops flowering. The Dragon Wing Begonia will not have to be watered every day.



These flowers can take shade or sun and will pretty much grow anywhere. They are great setting plants and perfect for flower beds. As you can see, Blooms Greenhouse Grower Outlet has quite a few! This is the same flower that is commonly used in their famously full hanging baskets.

Vista Bubblegum Supertunia


This particular vegetative petunia has extremely strong genetics. One plant has the potential to cover a 9 foot diameter and create a blanket of color. The Vista Bubblegum Supertunia is a top online seller.

Their number one recommendation for beginning gardeners is to start small. They also suggest using Jack’s Classic fertilizer, the same one they use to grow their plants, for ultimate success.


Blooms Greenhouse Grower Outlet is famous for their hanging basket vegetative annuals. Buy your mom a hanging basket or a gift card in store or online this Mother’s day!

“The hanging basket is an excellent traditional gift, and we are known for those,” Christakes said. “Our pricing is great– we are an outlet store, so you are getting premium quality plants for a superior price.”

Whether you are trying to grow the perfect garden, or trying to create the ultimate background for that stellar Instagram photo– Blooms Greenhouse Grower Outlet has got you covered. For more information, visit their facebook page, find them online here, or stop on and see them at 719 Hupp Rd La Porte, Indiana 46350.

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