Trending Plants You Will Fall in Love With at First Glance

Spring planting season is upon us! Now is the perfect time to discover the new cultivars and trending plants that are sure to astonish. Let’s break those boring garden barriers with a sneak peek into what all the stylish gardeners will be adding to their landscapes this season.  

Trending Plants of 2021

Sometimes we wonder how the ‘Plant Gods’ continue to create newly improved cultivars, but somehow, year after year, they continue to astonish us with brighter, longer-lasting florals while offering innovative plant solutions that seemingly solve every garden dilemma. These trending annual plants have major staying power––and they are sure to be a hit in your 2021 garden.

Lantana Royale Red Zone (Lantana camara)

Lantanas are notorious plants for persevering through extreme heat and neglect, but the Royale Red Zone is aptly named, taking heat tolerance to the boiling point. If you’re looking for an easy annual that packs a punch with blazing red flowers, then this is the one for you. Long-blooming, drought-tolerant, award-winning, and attracts pollinators––what more could you ask for? It’s no wonder this one is red-hot right now!

Whirlwind Starlight (Scaevola aemula)

Let’s bring the romance back to the garden, shall we? This new award-winning annual plant makes us envision star-filled summer nights, dancing in the garden with whorls of its baby blue and white flowers trailing at our feet. Don’t let its delicate appearance fool you, though! This long-bloomer requires no deadheading and is very drought tolerant—happiest in full sun and an ideal addition to add trailing flair to all your containers.

Superbells Coral Sun (Calibrachoa hybrid)

Wedding bells will be ringing when you see this beauty. It doesn’t take much convincing to commit to the abundance of petunia-like flowers that pop in bright coral and appear dip-dyed with vibrant yellow centers. Another long-bloomer, Superbells Coral Sun will continue to provide interest into the fall. While it’s heat-tolerant, it may be happiest and fullest in part sun conditions. A trending plant that is a keeper, but it may wilt when its feet get too wet, so be sure to avoid watering it to the point of soaking. 

Hippo Red (Hypoestes phyllostachya)

With speckled cherry red and green foliage, the Hippo Red reminds us of an adorable ladybug. It is an easy shade annual; it is an idyllic addition to any planter or landscape and will add a promising pop of color to darker doorways.

Sweet Caroline Medusa Sweet Potato Vine (Ipomoea batatas)

Just like the song, the Sweet Caroline Medusa is sure to be a classic trending plant. Its finger-like green foliage is unique and vigorous, making it ideal for ground cover. This easy-going plant can tolerate and adapt to either sun or shade, but the foliage will be more vibrant in full sun conditions.

Run, don’t walk, to our garden center in LaPorte to snag these trending plants today! We have so many quick and easy planting solutions for gardeners of all levels, and we strive to make it easy and fun.

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