All-Season Color Hacks: How to Combine Annuals and Perennials in Your Landscape

It’s one of the toughest challenges a gardener can have—how to get color in the garden all season long. Some of us find it easy to achieve a vibrant flowering spring garden, but when the heat of mid-summer hits, our gardens tend to drift away into a sea of green—and sometimes brown. There are a few tricks of the gardening trade to get that magazine-worthy garden all season long—some are surprisingly simple. 

Visit Your Local Garden Center As Seasons Change

You don’t have to ask me twice to shop all season! It may sound obvious, but our garden center is just like any other store; we stock new items as the season progresses. As our spring annual flowers fade, we bring out the summer perennials and heat-loving annuals. With over 35 years in the industry, we know and grow our plants to meet the needs of each season. Come visit Blooms Greenhouse as the seasons change to be aware of what’s currently in bloom. 

purple blooms

Extend Bloom Times

We tend to sit back and assume that the plant must be done as the blooms fade—but don’t! Many annuals and perennials will bloom again when conditions are right. Deadheading, fertilizing, watering, and even moving a potted container into a sunnier area can be a wake-up call, enticing your plant to put more energy into new blooms. 

planting flowers in soil

Mix and Match Perennials and Annuals 

Creating a constant flowering garden is the goal—but it’s not cheating to pop in some annuals as the summer heat begins to make our perennial plants go from bloom to doom. While there are plenty of perennial flower combinations that allow your garden to have blooms at every window of the growing season, adding in some annuals can certainly help fill the gaps. In addition, annuals unleash your inner creative gardener, allowing you to switch up your garden’s aesthetic on a more frequent basis.

pink flower blooms

Invest in Reblooming Annual and Perennial Plants

We already mentioned how deadheading, fertilizing, and adequate light and water can all entice our garden plants to push out some new blooms. In addition, there are plenty of varieties that we call re-bloomers or endless bloomers, promising us a showy garden from spring to fall. Here are a few varieties to be on the lookout for—plant these perennial and annual flower combinations to make your garden bloom from spring equinox to fall pumpkin harvest! 

    Annuals That Love to Bloom All Season  Perennials That Love to Bloom All Season 
– Salvia
– Petunia
– Geranium
– Begonia
– Endless Summer Hydrangea
– Shrub Roses
– Dianthus
dual pink floral

Creating an inspiring garden takes time! Just like your home decor, your garden isn’t designed in one season. It takes time, patience, and attention to detail to ensure you create a long-lasting and ever-blooming landscape. Keep a gardening journal, noting bloom times and seasonal occurrences when new annuals and perennial flower combinations could be added. With time, and plenty of visits with our garden professionals, you will have the spectacular, magazine-worthy garden you crave. 

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